ATT Service (at least one guy)

ATT Service (at least one guy)

*** Apologies in advance to the AT&T Service folks who have come out during storms to handle downed tree limbs etc. that have interrupted my service – you’ve all been professional & efficient ***

OK, I’m WAY behind on reporting my issues w/ my AT&T land line – but this last one just irked me so badly that I just couldn’t write anything without excessive profanities…..

So I’ve been paying for ATT indoor wire service for well past 30 years. Currently, that’s $6 per month. OK, in the spirit of the season feeling generous, & will call it $3 a month (a 50% Santa discount) – so that’s more than $1080 (to over $2160 by today’s price) which I’ve never used.

So I have a phone set in my house that records voice messages from the kitchen line, & rings elsewhere wirelessly. Except every time I pick up the line in the kitchen the line is dead. So what do I do? I call AT&T – hey, I have indoor service, right?

Now I need the kitchen connection because I have the answering machine set to ‘announce’, so I know when I have calls that need to be returned. Keep that in mind, or my anger won’t make any sense!

So Service dude shows up on a Saturday. He’s clearly crabby – guess he doesn’t want to be here – oh well! So he checks the lines  & the one to the kitchen is fried. Here’s the conversation:

Him: Yeah, the line is broken

Me: OK, can we check it?

Him: I guess

So *I* lead him outside, & trace the line from the box along the house to where it comes inside. He uses his little detector, & figures out that the line is good until it comes inside the house.

So then there’s some more checking, and he figures out that the problem is *INSIDE*! Good news – **** I HAVE BEEN PAYING FOR INSIDE LINE SERVICE FOR OVER 30 YEARS ****

So here’s the conversation:

Me: So the lines are in the crawl space

He: The service only covers lines that are exposed inside the house, & visible along the walls

Me (thinking) – Who has all their lines hanging out on the walls????

Him: So I can’t do the work

Me (thinking): What theF***k???!!!!! who the heck has all the lines one the INSIDE of the walls!!!???

Him: But please don’t call the service center – they’ll think I wasn’t doing my job.

Me (thinking): They’ll THINK you haven;’t done your job???!!! You HAVEN’T done your job!!! Why tell me not to call if you’ve done what you are supposed to????”.

Now I need to move my phones to the bedroom (where there is service), & I have to disable the stupid call announce, because I don’t answer calls if I’m asleep & the stupid voice will say YOU HAVE A CALL all night otherwise. Now I keep missing calls & folks are getting annoyed….


When dialing an AT&T call center...

I really don’t believe this. I just got a bill for an overdue $5.50 from AT&T. Yes, for the long distance service I cancelled back in June 2011 and again in October 2011.

AT&T: Hello, this is Sitara Gupta. How may I help you today?

[Wow. Someone at a call center in India who isn’t named Mary or Julie….]

Me: Hi. My customer number is 203-111-2222 1234567

[Two sentences later…]

AT&T: So you said your number is 203-777-8888?

Me: Huh?

AT&T: You told me that your number is 203-777-8888.

Me: No I didn’t. You’re reading the caller ID number for my office. I told you that my number is 203-111-2222.

[Two sentences later…]

AT&T: What’s your Customer ID?

Me: Ahhhrrrggg. That’s what I started the conversation with. It’s 203-777-88…

AT&T: No, that’s your phone number. What’s your customer number?

Me: Well, if you look at an AT&T bill, you’ll see that the bloody Customer ID starts with the phone number! [yeah, I should have known better]

[So the conversation continues… And I’m getting angrier and angrier by the minute.]

AT&T: I will make sure that we take care of this for you.

Me: Yeah, that’s what everyone else said.

AT&T: Well, I do have to transfer you to another department.

Me: Oh crap. Not to another call center in India? Can you connect me with a 5 year old in the U.S. who might be competant enough to handle this correctly?

AT&T: No, it will be another call center. I’ll transfer you now. My name is Tamara Stevenson and I am happy to have helped you.

[Weren’t you Sitara Gupta at the beginning of this conversation???]

Click. Dial Tone…..

AT&T: Hello, this is Romina. May I have your phone number please?

[Just shoot me. Blah blah blah from Romina]

AT&T: I assure you that we I will take care of this.

Me: Look, all I want is to never, ever hear from you people again.

Hey. At least I got Romina’s operator number () in case this all goes south again


AT&T is a Grinch

AT&T is a Grinch

What the hell? 2 messages on my cell phone, one from a friend and one from my brother – and both messages were telling me to get off my land line because it’s been busy all day. Well that would be fine, except I wasn’t home all day. Sure enough, my phone line is dead.

No bad weather, no cars hitting poles, nothing. Just a dead phone….

They fixed it tonight – thanks (I guess) Mr. Grinch



This morning I got a call from AT&T Long Distance saying I have a past due account for $27 – which is weird, since I cancelled the long distance account back in June!!!!!

  • Call #1: Managed to get a live person. Gave her my account number, name, address, and phone number. Answered the question about if they could use my personal information to sell me more services. Are they kidding???  I explained the whole thing to her, and she transferred me to some guy in India.
  • Call #2: Got the Indian guy on the phone. Gave him my account number, name, address, and phone number. Answered the question about if they could use my personal information to sell me more services. They can’t possibly be serious. He managed to find the notation in my account that said the account is closed, and he said he would cancel the charges. I asked if this would be reported to the credit agencies, & he said I had to call the billing department.
  • Call #3: Got the billing department on the phone. Gave them my account number, name, address, and phone number. Answered the question about if they could use my personal information to sell me more services. Now this question is starting to piss me off. They say I still owe $9.30. I tell the whole story for the 3rd time. She transfers me to someone else. Gave him my account number, name, address, and phone number. Thank god he didn’t ask the question about my personal information. Told him the whole story. He says there’s no record of my cancelling the account in June. I mentioned my attorney. He said he’d put me on to a supervisor. I got disconnected.
  • Call #4: Got the billing department on the phone. Gave them my account number, name, address, and phone number. Answered the question about if she could use my personal information to sell me more services. I told her in no uncertain terms what she could do with their other services. At least this woman had a brain. She saw that I cancelled back in June, & said the remaining balance was because I cancelled before the end of the billing cycle & that was the left-over charges from June. I asked if I could give her my credit card info to pay it, & she said that would cost me $5, so she connected me to the automated system instead. I made my payment, and at the end it said that it would  RE-OPEN THE ^%$#&*!!! ACCOUNT!!!!!!!!
  • Call #5: Got India on the phone again. Gave them my account number, name, address, and phone number. Told him not to bother trying to sell me anything. Told him the whole story AGAIN, & asked if the account had been re-opened. It HAD. Supposedly he fixed it. Yeah, right….

That’s an hour & a half of my life I’ll never get back.

OK. So the power finally came on after Hurricane Irene and I don’t have any phone service. All my neighbors do, but not me. In desperation I decided to try filing a report online.

I filled out the form with all of my information, and followed the endless “continue” prompts, until I got to a place where it indicated that it could diagnose the problem for me.

So like a complete nitwit (yes, I know I’m dealing with AT&T so I should know better), click “continue” so they’ll diagnose the problem. And what do I get? A video on how to monkey around with the wires to find out what’s going on. OK, I’m not a complete moron – I should be able to do this.

The video tells me to go outside and unscrew some little box. They didn’t give me a decent picture or description of the litlle box, but they told me the general place to locate it outside my house.

I grabbed screwdriver, as instructed, and headed outside to look for it. And there, on the side of my house, right where 220 volts of deadly electric wires are, are a bunch of little non-descript  little boxes. And like I said, I’m not a complete moron, so NO STINKIN’ WAY AM I STICKING A SCREWDRIVER INTO ANY OF IT!!!!!

A friend sent me a link to this article – AT&T is now charging customers for NOT having long distance service – is that even legal???

AT&T Adds $2 Minimum-Use Fee Because You’re Not Using Enough Long Distance

You may think that it stands for the American Telephone & Telegraph Company, but I checked online & found these answers:

  • Absolute Trash and Torture
  • Atrocious, Tacky, and Terrible
  • American Thieves & Thugs
  • Awful Terrible & Treachery
  • A**holes, Twits & Twerps
  • The A in AT&T stands for Albatross
  • The A in AT&T stands for Aaaaaaaaaaaargh!
  • Awful, Terrible and Too expensive!!!!
What does AT&T stand for?

What does AT&T stand for?